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Wax Oil Leather Bag

Wax Oil Leather Bag

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Elevate Your Style with Confidence!

1. Perfectly imperfect! Embrace the uniqueness of handcrafted elegance. While we aim for precision, slight measuring errors within 3cm are par for the course. Embrace the charm of individuality!

2. Experience true hues! Please allow for a touch of color variation due to the nuances of different screens. Your bag may dazzle in slightly different shades, adding to its allure.

3. Dare to be different! Each bag tells its own story, with patterns varying slightly between production batches. Embrace the unexpected and celebrate the artistry of randomness!

4. Unleash the scent of luxury! The initial aroma of leather is a hallmark of quality. Simply let your bag breathe in the fresh air for a few days, and watch as the scent dissipates, leaving behind only the essence of sophistication.

Measurement: 31cm*26cm*12cm - Perfect proportions for your everyday adventures!

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